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Superyum Bakery

The comfort and deliciousness of home baked desserts is available to everyone with Superyum. Whether it be a classic chocolate chip cookie or a truffle stuffed brownie, you are guaranteed to be treating yourself to the best dessert imaginable. Cookies come in a range of sweet combinations, including Nutella, Oreos or your favorite candy bar combined with chocolate chips. A cookie cake can also be customized for those who you want to share (or not) a cookie extravaganza with. Using the highest quality ingredients with the intent that every dessert experience be gooey and mind blowing, Superyum provides amped up classic American desserts to all ages, genders and communities. With love, Shahnaz.


Address: 15136 Stagg St, Van Nuys, CA 91405
Phone: (747) 275-4402