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Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers

Tommy’s was founded in 1946 by Tom Koulax. The son of Greek immigrants, Tom engaged in various business ventures before founding the original stand at Beverly and Rampart Blvds. in Los Angeles. It took some time before the public discovered his small stand. However, the many long hours of work, and dedication toward quality and fast service finally paid off. By the mid 1950’s, the little stand gained a reputation like none other for the appetites of Los Angeles burger lovers.

In the 1960’s Tom had to expand his operation to accommodate the growth of his customer base. Soon he had acquired the entire northeast corner, along with the second serving station. By this time, it was apparent the public was hooked.


Address: 15745 Roscoe Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 91343
Phone: 818-893-1715