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Harold’s House of Omelettes

Harold’s House of Omelette’s has captivated the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles community for many decades now since 1961. Drawing in crowds from all over Southern California. I personally have been a patron of the restaurant for over 12 years. I remember after my mother’s funeral my family and I came here for lunch and they were gracious enough to allow us to take over the diner for hours even after it had closed. On May 14th, 2021 we were shocked and deeply saddened to learn that the restaurant was coming to a close, I’m sure many local patrons shared our sadness. The staff asked me if there was anything that we could do. I think during these times we all wanted some sense of consistency and hope, so I decided to take over the House of Omelette’s! It was truly a blessing and good timing that we were able to keep the spirit alive and open just 2 weeks later on May 29th, 2021!


Address: 2440 Thousand Oaks Blvd,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Phone: 805-906-2138