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El Pollo Peru LA

Peruvian cuisine, enriched by an avalanche of global influence, from countries such as Africa, Spain, China, Japanese and Italian has become internationalized with endless exquisite flavors in its dishes. Together with the mixture of flavors of the Inca culture, it has positioned itself worldwide with delicious dishes such as: Lomo Saltado, Green Noodles, Fish and Shrimp Ceviche, HuancaĆ­na Potato, etc. The fusion of Inca flavors and seasonings based on soy, vinegar, spices and chili peppers have made it possible to enjoy many delicacies typical of Peruvian cuisine. In that yearning typical of people who have emigrated to the United States, and many foreign fans of South American food, "El Pollo Peru LA" brings those longed-for flavors to Southern California diners. With its exclusive recipe for grilled chicken, lomo saltado,


Address: 13273 Van Nuys Boulevard A/B, Pacoima, CA 91331
Phone: (818) 485-5522