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Dirt Dog

We agree, it is not the most appetizing name for a product, but we have grown to love the name and we hope that you will too! Please allow me to tell a little story on how the name Dirt Dog was coined. In the early 90's I found myself on streets of Downtown Los Angeles most weekends and in the summer. My parents owned a business in Downtown Los Angeles and I found myself in Downtown with little choices for food. One super hot summer day in front of my parent's store, there was a nice Hispanic lady selling hot dogs on a flat grill. I had never seen this before. The hot dog was wrapped in bacon and toppings of grilled onions, bell peppers, red peppers and jalapenos were offered with mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup to sauce it up.


Address: 2528 S Figueroa St,
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: 213-749-1813