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Bodega Malbec Argentinean Grill

Travel through the countryside of Argentina and you are bound to run across a bodegon. Bodegas were originally rural markets serving goods from local farms. Families and friends gathered at these bodegas to share asado.

The tradition of asado runs deep. It was the gauchos driving herds of cattle on the campos that laid the foundations for generations to come. Hard labor and long work days were rewarded with asado, a grand bounty set ablaze an open fire shared with good company. At Bodega Malbec we honor this tradition serving up top quality meats over an open fire and straight to your table. Our menu also features many other dishes inspired by both our Italian and Spanish roots. From Homemade pasta, paella, asado, and of course World renowned wine, Bodega Malbec brings a little piece of our history to you and yours.


Address: 10151 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Phone: (818) 762-4860