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Bagan Burmese Kitchen

Bagan is an ancient city and a UNESCO world Heritage site. Varieties of traditional Burmese food are made in Bagan area.

Burmese food from Bagan city: If you want traditional Burmese food, you must try Burmese food from Bagan Region. Home of Burmese Kingdom is Bagan and the best food of Burma originates from that region.

Burmese cuisine includes curry dishes from various regions of Myanmar (Burma). Burmese cuisine is an exotic blend of flavorful ingredients and spices that make up unique dishes which are an absolute must try. Burmese cuisine also includes a variety of salads and noodle dishes. These different salad dishes and noodle dishes have always been popular as “Staple food” in different cities of Burma. Mohinga (Fish Chowder Soup) is a traditional breakfast dish and is Burma’s national dish. Tea leaf salad is also a must try traditional dish that has a lot of ingredients and flavors.


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